My friend Craig was in town last night and invited me to see a screening of "The Baxter" because he did the music for it. The movie was HILARIOUS, you should definitely go see it when it comes out (despite what Ebert & Roeper said).

At the "afterparty" I was amazed to discover that comics attract more aggressive groupies than the musicians I know. I tried to get a shot of the adorable co-ed that sent Michael a drink and got invited to join us, but Craig's head is blocking her. Who knew comedy was so hott?

Check out the website for "The Baxter".


I <3 the WB!

They're showing an hour long documentary on Fleetwood Mac right now called "Unbroken Chain" which I've never seen before! They're even starting with the Peter Green years. I wonder if I'll learn anything new (I know a lot about Fleetwood Mac.) Today is my lucky day!

Of the many, many lineups Fleetwood Mac has gone through in their 30 odd years, my favorites are the original incarnation with Peter Green and the most famous incarnation which included the magical combo of Stevie and Lindsey.


Back from the dead. Actually I've just been posting to my LiveJournal. I've been meaning to transfer this blog to TypePad but I can't seem to find the time. Oh, work.

I just had to rave about Google IM. It works like any other IM, except if you have a microphone (I have one built into my laptop at work) you can call and talk to people live! So far I've tested it out with my coworkers (which is stupid because I can just walk over and talk to them in person) but I'm excited to try it out with people long distance. I'm sfist.music on Gmail so look me up, friends! You need a gmail account to join -- let me know if you need an invitation.

More later, I promise. That is, if anyone still checks this blog. (crickets)

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