In perhaps what might be my proudest moment as Music Editor of SFist...

Please read MattyMatt's interview with Charo.

When Charo's publicist contacted me, I must admit I wasn't man enough to tackle interviewing Charo myself (I was too intimidated). But I didn't relent until I found the bravest SFist on our team, MattyMatt, and harangued him into accepting the challenge. He is now my hero. We can't wait to go see her at Herbst on 8/6.

Says Charo:
"Hello! I am so happy to be bringing original music of today for dancing! I am performing a new style, neosalsa and neoflamenco, because every day I want to improve myself, tomorrow when I wake up I am searching for something better. I'm going to have a bigger thing, ahead of our time, if you love dancing, you gonna wow!"

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