Being back in the full time working world is quite a change! I need to dust off my rusty time management skills to juggle SFist duties, other writing gigs, shows, KB/dance, socializing, and everything else. Let's see how my new schedule affects how often I blog.

The holiday weekend was dedicated to BBQs -- Penn had one on Sunday at his house with tons of food and lots of cool people. My upstairs neighbors hosted yesterday's BBQ, with more great food and lots of nice new people to meet. I was chatting with Penny and fellow SFist Sam's name came up (via her Becks & Posh blog) and Blakely's name came up while talking to Jen. She must have heard us, because a little while later she and Xav showed up, which was a treat (even though we'd been to the Diamond Nights show together the night before). Jen has a line of fantastic t-shirts called Lacquer (sp?) that should be available at RAG soon. We watched the fireworks from Crystal and Emmett's cozy living room -- we've got quite a view here.

You have to check out the world's ugliest dog! [via SFist MattyMatt] This devil dog is unbelievably ugly.

Blagg strikes again: No Admitted Hipsters Found at 'Total Hipster Party'. It's funny because it's true.

Finally, in a gross self-referential display, I'm going to link to one of my own posts, but for good reason. I want you to scroll to the bottom of the comments to read about the idea that kind commenter Uncle Wendy shared about doing the Record Club online. Genius idea Uncle W, thanks for sharing!

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