Worth your hard-earned catfish:

Silversun Pickups' Pikul EP

I've heard about this band many times from Ashod, but never actually heard them until I got a promo of the EP in the mail. Their dreamy dirges are now stuck in my head and I can't wait to see them live to prove to myself that the singer is in fact male.

mp3: Silversun Pickups "Kissing Families"


I've refrained from commenting on this week's "Blow Out" episode, mainly because it lacked a jaw-dropping appearance from Scott. This week the stylists went to NYC, they curled, they overslept, they complained. The editors hinted at a B Michael fashion show catastrophe (Will the stylists be late? Will Jonathan only get through half his finger curls before curtain call?), but then everything went off without a hitch. Sigh. Bring back the "Apprentice"-esque business drama! It's exciting to see from your comments that I'm not the only person fascinated by the puffed up ego-fest that is Jonathan vs. Scott.

Trailers from next week's episode promise more hijinks punctuated by a furious Scott-induced door-punch by Jonathan. Can't. Wait.


I've yet to tackle the phenomenon of podcasting, but I have downloaded Odeo's Syncr tool and will test it out this week.


Mel and I went to SFist Sarah's house party last night, and lots of blog talk ensued with Jackson (whom Isaac recently christened "Jackson Social Club"). Mel and I had been discussing our strangely genetic Texas pride, but after all the writing and blogging talk with Jax, I started to feel some San Francisco pride for the first time. This is a city of ideas and of phenomenally creative people, and I'm extremely excited to be a part of some of SF's coolest offerings. I'm having my own little version of Pride Week.


The 15 Minute Hipster, in defense of "X is the new Y." Thanks Hipster!


Lastly, check out my new friend Tim's blog postpunkdiary. Meditations and musings on music. He's speakin' my language.

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