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The new CocoRosie album Noah's Ark isn't a huge departure from the last one, but the production quality has improved. The duet with Antony, "Beautiful Boyz," is most excellent. I heart Touch and Go!


Tivo-worthy: "Blow Out: Season 2"

Bravo's original programming makes me almost happy to pay my cable bill.

The first season of "Blow Out" followed uber-famousse hair stylist Jonathan Antin as he opened a second salon location in Beverly Hills. Multiple Hollywood hairstylists all in one room is a recipe for drama in itself, but what really carries the show is Jonathan's charisma. He's handsome, professional and ambitious, as well as moody, self-centered and overworked. But he balances seemingly vapid statements like "I'm about perfect hair, man," with thoughtful reflections on life as an entrepreneur. He's sincere about his art, and I respect that. Despite his leonine presence, he has a big ol' heart underneath the tattoos and hair product. Every time he cries (it's no rarity), I just want to hug him. Did I mention how handsome he is?

This season he's starting his own line of hair products, complete with a group of corporate suits who are toeing the big, bad Bottom Line. Check out this video clip preview of Episode 2, where Jonathan is introduced to Scott, some sort of branding/marketing guy they're putting in charge of the Jonathan product. Scott comes to a big meeting unprepared to show Jonathan any ideas or samples of past work, then acts supremely offended when Jonathan calls him on it. Extra points for the repetition of one of my favorite phrases, "dog and pony show." **

**Allow me to point out that my comments are aimed at these people's characterizations on the show and not the real people -- because I don't know them. The "Blow Out" editors have created some fascinating characters in the editing process!

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