Read this week's "When The Lights Go Down In The City" please and thanks.

This morning Sef linked to Spoon's KCRW performance, which is a must-watch. (Although, the way the studio is lit, it looks like they're taping a Saturday Night Live performance from the 80's.) The first half of the performance is all new songs, and in the last portion they play "Utilitarian," "Everything Hits At Once," "Someone Something" and "My Mathematical Mind."

Of course I love Gimme Fiction. (Britt would have to try really hard to diminish my respect for Spoon.) I love that they stuck with Merge. I love the Spoon swagger -- he's not afraid to sing about dragons, dukes and neckrugs, and dares you try to figure out why. In "The Beast and Dragon Adored" lyrics, I love that he makes self-referential mention of GF songs "I Summon You" and "They Never Got You." And I'll never get bored of hearing Britt embellish a song with his signature "alright!" or "ow!"

Simple, majestic, nuanced, raw, real, revealing, fantastical Spoon.

I know that Gimme Fiction is getting a lot of attention, and they're playing every hip festival this year, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: Spoon is way underrated.

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