Podcasting's on the brain today. Rita's "We Read the Weeklies" column on SFist had a link to a (somewhat fluffy) podcasting cover story in the SF Weekly, which you can read here. (I'll pick up my print copy later.) Then Cherry Coloured announced its first foray into podcast listening.

I've been using Odeo for the past couple of days, and I highly recommend it. (I believe they're in their beta version so their Odeo Syncr may not be available to the public yet for download.) You can preview podcasts, then click on individual shows to queue them into your Syncr, or click "subscribe" to get all new shows queued up. You can also how often your Syncr downloads new programs into your iTunes -- when I start my computer, Syncr automatically downloads any new podcasts for me. I don't have any other podcasting software to compare Odeo to, since this is my first foray into podcast listening, although I do plan to download the latest version of iTunes to try out their podcasting downloads. But so far Odeo rocks.

Through a few searches on Odeo I've discovered Tracks Up the Tree and Toronto Star Podcasting. There are also podcasts from indies like Sub Pop and Jade Tree. It's interesting to see how people deal with the nebulous legalities of music podcasting. The Toronto Star is a short show, broadcasting snippets of songs with only one full song thrown in. Tracks Up The Tree podcasts only mp3s that are available for download on the internet. I guess most other music podcasters are counting on their ASCAP and BMI licenses to protect them, or they're just throwing caution to the wind.


I read 10-20 blogs a day (33 and counting in my bloglines), and I feel overwhelmed by all the fantastic blogs and podcasts I've yet to discover. And still, when I say the word "blog" to most of my friends, their eyes glaze over in confusion.


If you haven't been won over by Feist yet, stop everything and witness her casual musical genius on Morning Becomes Eclectic. She is a one-woman revolution. Viva la Feist!

(Right below the Feist links are links to listen to and watch a set by my old NYC buddies David Poe, Sim and John, with one of my favorite friends who I miss all the time FIL on keys.)

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