I was reading the first article in the June issue of the Believer (Rick Moody's very lengthy essay about how he discovered the Danielson Famile and why he became a fan plus lots of his thoughts on religion) wherein I read about a Record Club happening in NYC. Basically you invite a bunch of friends to gather together and bring two songs they're currently obsessing over and each person takes turns doing their show and tell (or play and tell). It's like a book club, but not. At the end, you can burn up CDs to commemorate that meeting's playlist forever.

Why have none of my friends thought of doing this before?

Who wants to start one in San Francisco? I realize this is a pie-in-the-sky wish, to start an SF Record Club, because people are busy, and how many proactive music-loving friends do I have that can stick to a schedule, and who has a living room with a CD, cassette, mp3 and record player that can fit 6-10 people (not me)? But I can ask. So I ask.

(Nyla and I belonged to a monthly mix CD club a while back called Fellowship of the Mix, which lasted for about 6-8 months. My turn to make a mix never came up, unfortunately, but I did get some cool CDs. The concept of Record Club is way better though, because you actually interact with each other.)

Check out how it works, read the Village Voice article and peruse the NYC Record Club's past playlists. And get back to me.

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