I love it when record companies allow entire records to be streamed on the internet, especially prior to their release date. Lately MySpace.com has been the place to do it, with both bands and labels getting exposure for major releases by streaming them on the site.

Now, I do understand the logic behind disabling the fast forward button when you're streaming an album for promotional purposes. And I certainly didn't mind listening to the Audioslave album in its entirety. When I heard that the new Black Eyed Peas record was streaming on MySpace, I was excited to check it out since one of my close friends is a writer on one of the songs. Unfortunately, it was track 4, meaning I had to wait through no less than twelve minutes of BEP's catchy nonsense before I could check out my friend's track.

For someone who dislikes BEP as much as I do, it was pure torture. Oh, fast forward button, how I miss you...

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