Hilary Duff is indie rock. Who knew? Check out iTunes' Indie Top 100. (I have no idea how to link to it, so just open your iTunes Music Store and look for the icon.)

Was it just me, or during "Blow Out" last night was there an M&M's commercial featuring a very slow remake of the Postal Service's "Such Great Heights"?

Speaking of "Blow Out"!**

Every time someone made one of the 874 mentions of Jonathan's Legendary Signature Long Layered Haircut ™ during the episode, I expected a little trademark sign ™ to flash across the screen and a little "cha-ching" to sound in the background.

Kimberly pouted and gave great I-was-excluded-from-the-NYC-trip sourpuss from beneath her perfect bangs until Jonathan invited her to do hair for a magazine shoot, at which point she lit up like a Christmas tree and gushed her eternal gratitude towards her boss. Ride the waves!

Poor Edward the Assistant is so in awe of Jonathan that he choked during cutting class and could not come close to replicating Jonathan's Legendary Signature Long Layered Haircut ™. "It's like painting next to Van Gogh," he lamented. While I do not doubt the powers and genius behind Jonathan's Legendary Signature Long Layered Haircut ™, and would love to afford to get my own someday, poor Edward should have taken a clue from lil' Scott and smiled his way through it.

Enter Scott Zorbit. (On a completely unrelated note, I just want to link to these traits of passive-aggressive behavior. Back to what I was saying --) Scott showed up 45 minutes late to the Jonathan Product packaging meeting and then appeared to pull two or three plastic bottles from a little bag and launched into a speech about how he thinks that's the best way to go, and his vision for the line is blah blah blah. The "Blow Out" editors must have edited out the part where Scott asked Jonathan his opinion? When Jonathan asked why Scott didn't bring any other choices, Scott blamed his lack of options on Jonathan's unwillingness to meet in the Zorbit offices. The logic behind that argument, um, must have been edited out. (Because 10 empty plastic bottles would have been too heavy to carry?)

Things reached a fever pitch and Jonathan invited Scott out back, into the Alley of Drama, where they continued to puff up their chests and peck at each other, this time with a ton of cussing. Scott finally crossed the line by referring to Jonathan's "beauty school education" (hello, inflammatory!), causing Jonathan to scream "Get the hell out of my salon!" The home audience cheered, and Jonathan gave the back door an enraged elbow-punch.

Quote of the episode -- Bethann to Scott: "Come on, you've never fought with a client before??"

To counteract the Jonathan ego-fest, the editors show us a few other shades of his personality. He goes to his therapist, he actually reflects on his contentious interactions with Scott (is Scott really impossible or is it just me?) and we get the requisite choked-up "Glurp!" moment when Jason raves to him via cell phone about the Jonathan Product line.

**Allow me to point out that my comments are aimed at everyone's characterizations on the show and not the real people -- because I don't know them.

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