Head over to ye olde BlaggBlogg to read about why "Music Critics are Stupid and Pointless." I have to agree with Alex, despite the fact that I have reviewed and will continue to review records online and in print. In my own defense, I try to be descriptive rather than judgemental or self-aggrandizing. As in, here's a record I think you should know about, and this is why you might like it. Jury's out on whether or not I'm successful at that goal.

--> Read this week's "When The Lights Go Down In The City" please and thanks. <--

Did anyone watch "Blow Out" this week? Zorbit Scott is my favorite new reality TV villian that I love to hate.** I wondered if he was a paid actor, but a Google search yielded this possible evidence that he is, in fact, an actual marketing/branding executive.

Watch this week's bonus footage of Jonathan talking to his girl Sescie on the phone. For added comic effect, pay attention to his bedside alarm clock in the background which tracks exactly how erratically the editors hacked apart their phone conversation and created something completely different out of it.

The "Blow Out" website's "blog" section leaves much to be desired, by the way. I applaud whoever had the foresight to include a blog section, but unless people are actually blogging about something interesting, then don't even bother. They should let me be a special audience correspondent.

**Allow me to point out that my comments are aimed at their characterizations on the show and not the real people -- because I don't know them.

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