Don't you just love a change in the weather? Sunny to rainy, cold to warm, I don't care what it's changing from and to, I just love the change. It reminds me that change is possible and unexpected, and makes the challenges in my life seem a little more bearable.

One sad change happening in NYC is the closing of the Luna Lounge, the location of many of my late nights spent between the autumns of 1999 to 2001. There was the time when a few of my V2 co-worker friends and I folded ourselves up into a tiny backseat of a car with our friends Grasshopper and dreamboat Jeff Mercel of Mercury Rev to meet up with our boys in Grandaddy at Luna, because they were there to meet up with Elliot Smith (who hung out there often). There were the many nights that my Tex-pat friends Billy, Pamela, Blu, Dan, Wes, and I all convened to watch Skywriter play. There was the spin-the-bottle experience with friends and members of the Morgan Taylor Rock Group that I only remember vaguely. There were a few times Dave D. and I shut the place down, laughing at the tiny marlin mounted on the wall behind the bar. There was the time Blu and I sat at the bar and witnessed, in the reflection of the mirror behind the bar, two of our friends emerging from a secret makeout session in the backroom. They thought they got away with it unnoticed, until Blu and I busted them, and subsequently laughed ourselves silly. So many nights there with Karla, Lily, LT, Fil...it's a shame it won't be there when I go back to visit.

The good news is that Luna Lounge is set to re-open in Williamsburg, according to Brooklyn Vegan. I borrowed that photo from MurphGuide.com -- click here here for their interview with Luna owner Rob Sacher.


In my habitual combing of Craiglist job ads, I discovered an application for the MSN Music Road Tour, and applied. Much to my surprise, I was selected as one of 18 semi-finalists with a shot to become one of six selected to hop on a tour bus and ride around the country to promote MSN Music at summer festivals and events. In my phone interview with the MSNers in charge of casting, I was completely honest, highlighting my interest in travelling around the U.S., seeing tons of music, and blogging about it every day. When they asked me how I felt about doing street promotions (i.e. handing out flyers and tchotchkes), I also answered honestly. Which is why I'm not leaving on the bus tomorrow. I think they made the right decision!

It was very flattering getting chosen as a semi-finalist though. Dan from MSN, if you read this, email me so we can swap music recommendations. I'll be following the MSN Road Tour from my laptop right here in SF, CA.


I got a last minute invitation on Friday to go see The Mars Volta at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, because a friend had an extra ticket. Four of us made the trek out there and got positively rocked and rolled. Cedric's tight, tight polyester pants were thankfully no hindrance to his noodly-limbed, James Brown-esque, slide-footed dance moves and banshee screams.

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