Ce n'est pas un Spoon fansite.

Spoon made a video for "I Turn My Camera On," which can be seen here at RollingStone.com. I really wish I hadn't watched it. Can no one make a good video for Spoon? (Except for Ryan Junell, I mean.) If any images from this video pop into my head the next time I hear that song, I'm going to feel defeated. Spoon, if you don't have a good video to make, don't make one at all.

The word of the day is: multivalent.

Read it used in context in Jessica Hopper's review of Gimme Fiction here.


Pixel Revolt is coming! Pixel Revolt is coming!

We have to wait until August 23rd for John Vanderslice's latest, but you can download "Trance Manual" from the new record here.


Speaking of JV, he's apparently prominently featured in the Beulah documentary, "A Good Band Is Easy To Kill," which comes out August 2nd. Watch the trailer here. I wonder how the documentary turned out, but it will be entertaining for me to watch either way since I know so many people in the Beulah camp. I can't wait to see which Kurosky nuggets of wisdom and shock value made the final cut!

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