You could be like me and listen to Gimme Fiction on Real Rhapsody, since I don't have the record yet (update: the gift fairy just brought me a copy! Thanks buddy!). Track 3, "I Turn My Camera On," was the one Mike, Britt and Jim were mixing when I visited them that day in Brooklyn. I think my favorite song so far is "I Summon You." For those of you not keeping track, Spoon = genius. Too genius to be fully appreciated in the now, I reckon. Britt deserves at least as much adulation as Sir Jack White, if not more.

Jen, my fellow -ist, posted a very interesting mp3 on her Daily Refill blog today. It's Angela McCluskey covering "Love Is Stronger Than Death." This is one of my favorite songs (I put it on a special mix last year) from one of my all time favorite albums, The The's Dusk. Here is the original, for your listening pleasure:

mp3: The The "Love Is Stronger Than Death" from the album Dusk [BUY IT]

On Sunday I volunteered with an organization called One Brick. It's a really painless way to volunteer without any paperwork or commitment; just go to their calendar and sign up online for what you'd like to do. I joined a large group of volunteers to "beautify" Justin Herman Park in the rain on Sunday morning. Beautify means pulling weeds and spreading wood chips. The rain actually wasn't that bad, I got to do something nice for the city, and I made a few friends as well. If you live in SF, New York or Chicago, check it out.

Grapefruit salsa, y'all.

Basically you take your favorite salsa recipe and replace the tomatoes with grapefruit. Chop up the grapefruit and add white onion, cilantro, jalapeƱo, the juice of a lime, garlic and a tiny bit of sugar. Yummm. (This janky photo is from my camera phone, which lacks the quality control of, say, a real camera.)

Just call me Nostradamus. First, read this item I wrote for the Bitch List in the issue of Bitch Magazine that came out this spring:

Hmm...who was on Oprah on Monday? Oh yes, CESAR MILLAN! Our very own beloved Dog Whisperer himself was tackling the issues of Oprah's dog Sophie. Unfortunately the Oprah segment wasn't as informative or entertaining as Cesar's own show; Oprah's producers focused more on her stressing out than on Cesar's rehabilitation. Also, I think Cesar was a little nervous. He did get a big laugh when Oprah freaked out about his gentle pit bull, Daddy, and he reassured her by saying, "He's just energy, in a different outfit." Now millions more people can love him as much as we do. Go Cesar!

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