Opening acts for Tori Amos' "Summer of Sin" tour will be our girls in the Ditty Bops and Imogen Heap! Tori usually takes a male singer-songwriter out as her opening act, but she's done really well with breaking that habit this time around.

Imogen Heap has been one of my favorite artists since she released her first solo record I Megaphone back in '98. (I was working at a record store and fished it out of a promo pile.) That record made a little bit of noise with the single "Come Here Boy," but Imogen didn't resurface in the US again until Frou Frou released their album in the summer of 2002. Details is a fantastic record, and thanks to "Garden State" a lot more people heard it. Now I hear that Imogen's got another solo record in the works, set for release this summer. This is good news!

I'm at RAG today, chillin' with my main man Chupa. Here's photo evidence of the love that Chupa and I share. I've had my camera phone for a year and I just discovered all these new options, like the sepia tone here.

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