Odds and sods: Stream the new Audioslave record on MySpace.com. I also found the new much-talked-about Mountain Goats record The Sunset Tree on Real Rhapsody. Hooray for streaming! Speaking of free music, I'm giving away a copy of Citizen Cope's latest record on SFist here.

Now when someone asks me what my favorite restaurant in San Francisco is, I will know how to respond.

In trying to make a point about how much I love Shiner's out of print and back in print record Lula Divinia, I told my friend that it's in my all time top 5. Which of course prompted him to ask me what the other four were. D'oh! I knew that was coming. Working on a response...

From the ashes of the late great Shiner comes The Life and Times, who are releasing Suburban Hymns on August 8th on Desoto Records. Allen Epley is one of those artists who I will trust no matter what they do.

If I had a dog, you can bet I would be at the Walkadogathon tomorrow morning. Maybe I can steal Jet for the day...

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