The gift fairy brought me a ticket to see Audioslave last night (thanks Penn!), which brought back my youthful concertgoing enthusiasm for one night. Normally I am a cranky jerk who doesn't want to go to a show unless I can stand or sit somewhere away from the crowd, but last night I didn't care. I braved the dude-heavy, sweaty rock crowd just to watch Chris Cornell up close, and it was worth it! Sure, his voice was shot, so when he talked he sounded like a screamy frog, but I was just happy that he actually spoke between songs. I'm used to Cornell being grumpy and silent, but he seemed happy last night. The highlight was when Chris came out alone with an acoustic guitar to sing three songs, including a Temple of the Dog track. So, so good. [I borrowed this Cornell photo from www.amyweiser.com. I hope she doesn't mind.]

A little fun-time Bay To Breakers nonsense for your viewing pleasure. That's Alexa in the fuzzy hat and Audree in the tall black wig. The weather wasn't as nice as last year, but that didn't prevent the costumed or, in many cases, naked revellers from dancing and drinking through the streets of San Francisco. Oh and there were runners there too, from what I hear.

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