Something new to file under the aggressively annoying category, along with Mark McGrath's flapping white choppers: Frickin' A.

I caught their video for "Jessie's Girl" on MTV's Fresh New Music show the other day, and had to rub my eyes in disbelief. It's not that I was transported back to 1981 when Rick Springfield's song topped the Billboard charts -- although, Frickin A's cover isn't much of a departure from the original. No, I just thought we were through with the intolerable trend of rock bands trying to achieve a number one hit with an ironic cover from the 80's. Weren't the successes of Limp Bizkit's cover of "Faith" and Alien Ant Farm's cover of "Smooth Criminal" enough? When was the last time anyone even said the phrase "frickin' A"???

My question to the members of Frickin' A -- is it really rewarding to top the charts with a rehash of someone else's hit song? I guess I'm applying my own values of original songwriting and creative innovation where they're really not welcome. Some people just want to rock in a band with no regard to artistic exploration or expression.

It's interesting to note that Frickin' A is the first and only band on an independent label to land a spot on a NOW! That's What I Call Music compilation. Um...positively groundbreaking. Rick Springfield thank$ you.


In other news, my friend went to the doctor while on tour to find out that he has corneal ulcers. That means ulcers. On his corneas! Frickin' A! Sounds like something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. He said it wasn't so bad, except that he couldn't wear his glasses or contacts and therefore couldn't see very well. Beware the dangers of long-wearing contact lenses, people.

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