Last night I took my friend who's in town to the Opera Plaza Cinema on Van Ness, which I've never been to before. We were shocked to see that there were a grand total of thirty seats in our theatre. THIRTY. The screen itself was only about twice as big as a large television. But once the lights went out, we got used to it.

We saw Dot the I starring the always toothsome Gael Garcia Bernal, the excellent James D'Arcy, and the stunning Natalia Verbeke. Aside from the beauty of the main actors and many of the shots in the film, I can't really recommend seeing it, unless you're a big fan of crazy plots. I wish the whole "Two Thumbs Up!" rigamarole came with a money-back guarantee. But Verbeke, she's amazing. She basically scowls and/or cries throughout the entire film, but she does it well, and you never get tired of looking at her.

Most of the soundtrack was really good as well. Here's a tracklisting:
.Doris Day - Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
.Pink Martini - Sympathique
.Space Raiders - Beautiful Crazy
.Ozomatli - Super Bowl Sundae
.Doves - There Goes The Fear
.Bentley Rhythm Ace - T-Spot
.Carlos Jean - Mira Pa Dentro
.Idlewild - Out Of Routine
.David Danvers - Cross The T
.Rachid Taha - Barra Barra
.Lotte - Empty
.Tito Herido & Olayo Guiminez - Dot The I Flamenco Song
.Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Red Skies
.Aqualung - Just For A Moment
.Christian Basso - The Movement
.Iota - Gears
.DJ Shadow - Blood On The Motorway
.Fun Lovin' Criminals - Fun Lovin Criminals
I think "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" is my new favorite song of all time.

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