Friday night multitasking.

My friend Darren was telling me about Jonathan Safran Foer's new novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I haven't read his first novel yet, but I am going to read an excerpt of the new one and this Village Voice interview. JSF apparently has a blog as well. I already own too many books I haven't read yet -- I finished Cherries in the Snow and I think Middlesex is next on my list. I should be reading instead of blogging.

A Jonathan Safran Foer quote from the Village Voice interview:
"Auden once said that he looked at what he wrote so he could see what he thought. That's how it is for me, too. Understanding comes after. I have no points to make. Not even a story to tell. I have my instincts, my past, my subconscious. Sometimes the switch is at the end of the dark hallway, and you have to feel for it with your hands. A book is a lot like a light switch."

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