At last night's Chillin event, a nice stranger came up to me weilding this sign. It said "You are beautiful! And so much more." He wanted me to pin it to his shirt. The little sign was so cheesy, but he was too genuine and cheerful to be annoying. I dug around and found a straight pin, and wished him luck with his pick-up line. He balked at my assumption, so I called it an icebreaker instead, and sent him back into the crowded venue to spread his message. It was interesting participating in a sample sale at night at a crowded club with people drinking, dancing and chatting you up. There are never that many men at a normal fashion event.

It was a lot of fun but exhausting. As the long day (two sample sales back-to-back) and night drew towards a close, my friends appeared out of the clear black night! Xavi, who has been gone a long time, is back and we took it as a good reason to celebrate.

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