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I think I've set a personal record for SFist postings this week. Whew.

Did anyone see "The Apprentice" last night? First of all, did anyone apologize to Craig? His teammates completely rejected his idea, which turned out to be such a success that Home Depot launched a nationwide promotion around it. Hello!

But it was the board room-firing ritual that really floored me. Erin walked in there with a protective force-field around her. Trump has been so obviously enraptured by her looks, poise and impressive tenacity that she walked into the board room 100% invincible, and she knew it. Everyone pointed their finger at Erin to get fired, but you could tell Trump was having none of it, and was looking for any reason to can either Angie or hot-head chaw-chewing Chris. And then it happened:

"Well," Trump sighed, "I have to listen to my trusted advisors George and Carolyn, who tell me I can't fire Angie, so..."

Erin smirks and interjects "Do you have to listen to them, Mr. Trump?" [wiggle, wink].

There's the line. There's Erin pole-vaulting over the line.

Cut to the uber-composed Carolyn, whose normally placid stare has been replaced with enraged bug-eyes and flared nostrils. You can almost see smoke coming out of her ears. A few hairs have even escaped from her perfect coif, so you know that the depths of Erin's disrespect were not lost on her. Trump's vision clears, and he cans his beloved Erin for being a wise guy.

I liked Erin, she's tough, smart and attractive. But her self-assuredness is a clear threat -- to herself and others. It's not the last we'll see of her. Read the transcript and relive the trainwreck here.

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