I've been meaning to blog about podcasting for a while now. I downloaded iPodder a couple of weeks ago but have yet to install it, so I can't write an informed post yet. From what I understand, podcasting enables you to download radio shows into your iPod (or mp3 player of your choice) to listen to at your leisure.

Think of it as: iPod is the new Tivo.

Read this article in the NYT about local company Odeo which aims to be a forerunner in the podcasting movement. (I found the link to the article from Gen's site.) Seems as though podcasting stands to give both commercial radio and satellite radio a run for their money in terms of popularity, especially with anyone who loves music/is technologically inclined enough/has free time/has the disposable income to own an iPod. But I'm not sure if Odeo or any other company will figure out a way to turn a profit off of podcasting.

Also, while you're at it, check out the launch of UpTo11.net, a new music recommendation service. Type in the name of one or more bands you like, and UpTo11 searches through thousands of music collections to show what your fellow fans are also listening to. For instance, type in Spoon + Ryan Adams and you'll get a whole list of what other fans of Spoon and Ryan Adams are listening to. Click on one of the suggestions, like Broken Social Scene, and you'll see their popular songs with links to purchase them, any Wikipedia information that's available, and interesting stats on the band's popularity. The site's not too easy on the eyes as of yet, but it's an interesting solution to the ongoing problem of how to find new music.

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