I and Feist

The Feist/Apostle of Hustle/Stars show at Bimbo's on Saturday night was a real treat, even if I did miss most of the 2nd half while I was interviewing Ms. Feist. We all know she's a talented musician, but I can now attest that she's also gracious, genuine, thoughtful and funny. Let It Die comes out in the US soon on Cherrytree/Interscope, but why wait? Buy it now for the low price of $10US from the fine folks at Arts & Crafts.

PS -- John Doe will be performing "Hwy 5" live on Conan O'Brien this Thursday, 3/31, with the lovely Ms. Neko Case. You fancy types should set your Tivos accordingly.

PPS -- I had to write this post twice, because Blogger.com is being characteristically uncooperative. I'm loath to complain too much about a service that is completely free of charge, but I'm thinking of referring to Blogger as Bugger from here on out, puns intended.

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