Howdy ladies and gents. I haven't blogged lately because every time I sit down at my laptop, I'm willing it to send me a job lead so I can abandon the ranks of the unemployed. No luck yet.

Anyone else feeling bombarded by too much celebrity information? I'm entertained by celebrity antics as much or more as the next guy; I read the occasional People magazine, watch award shows, read Gawker and the like. But has it not gone a little overboard lately?

I think the hacked Sidekicks are what put me over the edge. Instead of giving us fresh insight to a misunderstood celebrity, the information found in their Sidekicks makes their caricatures even more over-the-top. Now we have hacked-Sidekick confirmation that Paris Hilton really is vapid and vain in her personal time, and Fred Durst truly is a dirtball rock-n-roll cliche. Somebody surprise us already! Could the next celebrity's hacked-Sidekick reveal that they read books, do charity work, care about someone other than themselves?

Being a fan of conspiracy theories, I wonder if these Sidekick-hacks could be a part of a secret advertising campaign. A very successful one. Incidentally, I saw my first Sidekick up close last Thursday night at the Papercuts/Built Like Alaska/Heavenly States/Portastatic show. Ted from Heavenly States whipped out his Sidekick to enter in John Vanderslice's contact info, proving that Sidekicks really are for celebs, Bay Area indie rock style.

In better news, yesterday was a fantastic mail day for me. LT sent me this funny tshirt, and I got a magical package from Arts & Crafts, which included the Feist record. Hallelujah! Looks like Feist's record is coming out in the States, and she'll be touring my way soon.

For the (fashion) record, I have to make the prediction that sequins are coming back. And you can go here to bid on clothing from the Project Runway finale.

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