Yesterday John invited me to a set in Alameda where he was shooting a bit part for the movie The Darwin Awards. The movie stars Winona Ryder and Joseph Fiennes, and John was in a scene with fellow music legend Jerry Harrison. They played locals in a bar who get in an argument with Fiennes' character.

I've never been to a movie set before, so the whole thing was pretty interesting. Actually I think it would be very boring if I had to be around it every day, but spending a few hours there was fun. I watched John & Jerry shoot their scene three times. Everyone treated me like royalty since I was "John's friend" -- definitely the right way to visit a movie set. We ended up having an unsavory paper plate catered lunch with Fiennes, who was reserved and quiet, with enormous caramel colored eyes. Winona is tiny and gorgeous with perfect porcelain skin.

I blogged about this on SFist too.

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