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So I thought I could just review records, try to be honest and informative, and thus avoid upsetting anyone, but I'm already seeing how this record review racket is dangerous business. If I get a CD from a publicist/label and don't end up being able to review it, will they be justifiably angry? And forget writing a positive, thoughtful review for a band you like if you're not going to give it an "A+". I hear the Papercuts are upset by the "B-" I gave them. I didn't realize a "B-" was so offensive, I was just giving myself wiggle room for records that change my life or revolutionize our cultural landscape. For the record, I don't consider myself a "critic" or any more or less qualified to judge a record than any other music fan. I just love to write and hope that I can turn people on to good music. Stay tuned to watch my naive optimism slowly crumble.

Have I mentioned how amazing the novel The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant is? I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys art, history, politics and forbidden passion. I'm almost finished with it; it managed to hijack my interest away from The Time Traveller's Wife.

How good is Project Runway? In the beginning I loved Austin, but he's not proving to be versatile enough. I initially dismissed Jay for his showboat tendencies, but now his demonstrated design skills are giving substance to his soundbytes. Because of her calm personality, Kara doesn't get as much screen time, but I wager that she wins the competition.

This photo should be on a postcard.

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