I'm watching Subterranean and just saw the video for Kasabian's "Club Foot". In the video they look pretty hot, in a scruffy Hungarian kind of way, and the song is growing on me. I think they're actually from England, but I can't be sure since their website is acting up on me right now. Speaking of hot Hungarians, check out the new song by my friends in Phaser here.

I also just saw the video for Chromeo's "Needy Girl", which sounds an awful lot like Timex Social Club's hit "Rumors" from the '80s. Look at all of these rumors, surrounding me every day. That's a good jam, so I checked out Chromeo's website, only to uncover a rollerskating goldmine. If only I were this good.

New Year's Eve was surprisingly fun. I didn't get back from Houston til around 7pm, and if it weren't for Jason's heroic efforts, I would have probably gone home and gone straight to bed. We ended up having a tasty dinner at Blue Jay Cafe and then headed to Rickshaw Stop to ring in the new year. Well, when I say "ring in the new year," what I really mean is "look at our watches confusedly as 11:59pm turned into 12midnight, then 12:01, with nary a countdown, confetti shower or champagne glass in sight." Hello! That's the whole point of New Year's Eve, is it not? Without an obnoxious countown, spontaneous cheering, and making out at midnight, it's just another night on the town. We finally found the real revelry at a warehouse party in SOMA that Blakely and Xavier told us about. The hipsters were out in droves, with their angular bleach blond and/or dyed black haircuts and jeans tucked into their boots. The music was great, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and Jason looked almost as dashing in his tie as Dawn did in her feather boa.

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