These are the two monkeys I've been hanging out with the past few days.

Carl just turned 8 and Kristian will turn 6 in February.

Yesterday I took them to see the Polar Express at the movie theater. I was pretty nervous driving the big blue van and being responsible for them all by myself, but I proved to be an able Auntie. It helps that they're mostly well behaved and think I'm the bee's knees. After the movie I took them to Tae Kwon Do. They were too cute in their little outfits doing their punches and kicks -- they are so tall and skinny, little blond beanpoles. By the time our visit is over, I'll be an expert on Lego's, ninja turtles and dinosaurs. Being an Auntie is the greatest.

P.S. My "new contributor profile" is up on SFist here. It would be more mortifying if I thought a lot of people actually read the site, and somehow less mortifying if my last name were Jones or Smith. I didn't know what photo to send them -- I hardly had any without other friends in them, so I used one from SXSW and cropped out Richud and Garrett (sp?). Sorry Richud! Next time I'm in Austin, I'll buy you a tarcor to make up for it.

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