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Blakely suggested that her friend Deanna and I hang out together, since we both sew a lot during the week and Deanna lives nearby in Glen Park. Yesterday I went to Deanna's amazing house, which her great grandfather built, and crocheted while she sewed. While I was there, Blakely called with a tip on a Coke commercial that's looking to cast a San Francisco designer, and this morning we all ended up at a casting agency modelling Deanna's fantastic clothes.

Having never been anywhere near an audition before, I was mortified to have to fill out forms with my height, weight and measurements. I actually never think about my measurements, until I'm sitting in a casting office next to my svelte friends, starting to get self-conscious about never having had braces. Suffice it to say that I don't have the acting bug.

Here's Blakely, Deanna and I at RAG afterwards, in our Deanna Bratt outfits. Cross your fingers that they cast Deanna!

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