Please read this week's When The Lights Go Down In The City concerts listing. Thanks!

Last night's "Five Ways To See" artshow at 111 Minna was real nice. It was great to see Aaron and a few other surprise friends, not to mention the fantastic artwork. It will be on display for a few weeks, so check it out if you're in the neighborhood and buy some artwork while you're there. Then wrap it up and give it to me for xmas.

Some good music news: Grandaddy's working on a split release with Earlimart right now.

Some of you are finding my site when you do a search for Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. This makes me happy, because Cesar is a true hero and his show never disappoints. On one episode this week, he rehabilitated a bullying boxer named Coach that was about to be put to sleep! The family was heartbroken over putting the dog down, the little boy was completely distraught. But of course, Cesar saved the day! Mr. Millan made a quick guest appearance on The Insider the other night -- I'm betting he's about to get real popular. Visit his Dog Psychology Center here. Perhaps art is the new religion should become a Dog Whisperer fansite.

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