Odds and sods:

** America's Next Top Blogger: Elyse Sewell. You remember her from the first season of ANTM, she was the snarky, skinny med student with the extremely ambivalent attitude toward modeling. These days she's in Hong Kong modelling like crazy, and while she's still ambivalent, intelligent and hilarious, she's now armed with a blog and a digital camera. Somebody give this woman a book deal! I can't believe I get to read this stuff for free, it's my new favorite thing.

** I forgot to share with you the most important detail about the uber-creepy Polar Express: there's an animated cameo by STEVEN TYLER. I'm not joking. It's brief, unexpected and completely bizarre, and I bet he got paid a mint for it. (Did Tom Hanks voice all the adults in the movie? Sure sounded like it. He didn't make a very convincing Santa Claus.)

** On my flight from SFO, I was seated next to a 90 year old grandmother named Susie Victoria, who was the sweetest flight friend I've ever made. Dressed to the nines in a matching faux leopard fur pillbox hat, scarf and gloves, she told me she was "so very pleased to make my acquaintance," offered to share her sack lunch and movie headphones with me, told me all about her surprise 90th birthday party, and showed me the opal necklace she got as a present. I almost asked if we could become pen pals, or have tea the next time she came to visit her daughter in Oakland, but it sounds like she has more than enough kids, grandkids, senior trips and church friends to fill her busy schedule.

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