I just read about David Shouse's latest project, Bloodthirsty Lovers. Since Those Bastard Souls' Debt and Departure is one of my favorite albums, I was excited to listen to mp3s from The Delicate Seam. Unfortunately, I wasn't as excited as I wanted to be by what I heard. Shame. Go here to listen to "The Conversation" - the best of what I heard.

Friday night Ryan and I went to see Panty Lions, Built Like Alaska and Fuck at Bottom of the Hill. It was great to see Ashod as always -- I think the smallish beard looks handsome on him. I'm going to stage a shaving intervention before the beard gets too big again.

After the show, we unfortunately departed from Ashod and went to a party in the Mission with many interesting characters, including these intoxicated members of the Mutilated Mannequins. Sometimes there's nothing more entertaining than being a sober person having a conversation with someone who's completely wasted.

Nyla just posted a gorgeous Neruda poem, If You Forget Me, on Cherry Coloured. The torture of unrequited love is captured perfectly.

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