Great reality show:
Project Runway: Each week Heidi Klum and her band of snooty judges give fledgling designers truly challenging projects and they have just a day or two to come up with an original design to present on the runway. They even make the designers select their model at the top of the show, with the last one standing getting sent home. The egos and personalities, the true talent, and Heidi's German accent make this show truly entertaining. Best dismissal since Trump's "You're fired": Heidi's "Auf Wiedersehen!"

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Terrible reality show:The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search: Are you kidding me? Not since Victorias Secret's "Angels" hit prime time to strut in their fancy underpants for an hour have we seen such flagrant catering to salivating cavemen. And this is a series. I rate this up with any news program doing a "serious pornography investigation" -- let's be honest: it's just an excuse to show a slew of mostly-naked women on TV to get ratings. How long does it take to select a hot girl in a bikini anyway? I know that modelling can be difficult, I watch America's Next Top Model. But how are they going to change things up every week? How will they rate the girls? "Bambii, your work in a standard two-piece is unparalleled, but when we put you in a thong and a mesh tank top, you fell apart. We need more from you."

Honorable mention: Who's Your Daddy?

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