Amanda from The Apes, a.k.a. Majestic Ape, is not only talented but also very gracious. I'm going to buy the portrait she drew of me. Please read my "Get Drawn By An Ape" post on SFist.

This post is dedicated to a few of my ridiculously awesome friends:

To Nyla and Laurie, two of the coolest females alive, whose award-winning documentary "Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley" was accepted for the upcoming Cinequest Film Festival. To Mark, my first boyfriend ever from 4th grade, who had coffee with me yesterday. Let's hope he moves to SF from NYC. To Matt in LA, who I met at my first music business internship ever, who just hooked me up with a very promising opportunity. Details TBA. To Blakely, who got "discovered" at the Coke audition the other day! Let's hope her callback goes swimmingly.

At the SFist party the other night, I extolled the virtues of the Dog Whisperer to my fellow SFist Mary-Lynn. Today she sent me this email:
Krissy, I have to "thank you" for turning me onto the addictive programming that is The Dog Whisperer. My Tivo has been faithfully capturing episodes for me since Friday and I cannot stop watching. Those are some of the dumbest animal owners I've ever seen (and I watch Animal Precinct)! I adore watching Caesar have to tell them "It's not the dog, it's you, you stupid idiot" though in a much gentler way. While I knew much of what he espouses (the human being the alpha male, dominant behaviours, etc.) I did not know the wonders of a doggie backpack! Awesome.
She totally gets it. It's just a matter of time before everyone catches on to the genius that is Cesar -- I predict a jump to network TV and an Oprah appearance in 2005.

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