You know that phenomenon where you hear about something for the first time, then it's everywhere?

Maybe I live under a rock, but I first heard talk of New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer this past Sunday afternoon on a long phone conversation with my brother. Spitzer's after my brother's current employer Marsh for rigging bids and colluding with insurers to fix prices. Erik tells me it's causing total chaos at the office, and we're watching to see what results from the shakedown.

Last night I read an article from the November 1st issue Newsweek of where the author Charles Gasparino studied Spitzer's MO and extrapolated a "Spitzer playbook". One of Spitzer's most effective tactics is analyzing company emails which "provide unscripted insights into what people really think, showing their intent, a necessary ingredient for proving fraud." I highly recommend reading the 2-page article.

Today on Coolfer's highly informative blog about the music industry, I read that Spitzer's now targeting the radio promotions racket. Read Coolfer's post here for the skinny, and check out Rollingstone.com's longer article on the "Payola Probe".

I'm still learning about Spitzer's projects and platforms, but it seems to me that he's shining a light on common & corrupt corporate practices that industry insiders have known about but turned a blind eye to. And he's getting results. Pretty inspiring.

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