When it comes to chocolate, I'm not too picky; give me some organic dark chocolate and I'm in heaven. But the new Godiva G Collection has me hankering for some high-end confections. They're beautiful little works of art in extraordinary colors, designed by world-renowned pastry chef Norman Love. Problem is, these treats are so pricey I need me a sugar daddy. Literally.

Last night Blakely and I went to see Trail of Dead; this morning our eardrums are paying for it. We ended up at the Hemlock afterward, where a young blond boy was doing his best to woo Blakely with a note written on a paper coaster and a single red rose. In a fascinating display of male posturing, another more aggressive guy busted in on the courtship and started hitting on her right in front of the stunned blond suitor. Cojones. This is me, amused at the antics.

Read this excellent review of "Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley" from Whisperin & Hollerin (UK). This guy got where Nyla and Laurie were coming from.

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