SFist update: Last Thursday's When the Lights Go Down in the City and today's New Release Tuesday. Please read them! We're having our first SFist party next Thursday. Woohoo!

Kirby emailed to tell me that Aaron Burtch is having an art show at 111 Minna this Thursday, with fellow artists Souther Salazar, Alexander Cheves, Jeffery Harland, and Joel Elrod. This makes me happy, partly because Aaron is one of the nicest humans on the planet, but also because his artwork is awesome. See some of each artist's work by going to GrandaddyLandscape.com, clicking on "misc." then "art show", then click around on the white squares.

I'm watching the Amazing Race right now, a very entertaining but stressful show (mostly because of the aggro wrestler couple and the guy with the Gilbert Godfried voice who yells at his wife nonstop). The teams are in Stockholm, Sweden, with my people. OK, my grandfather's people. Lots of fellow -strom's there I'm sure. I want to go to Sweden!

While I'm on the subject of TV, those ubiquitous Old Navy commercials are surreptitiously teaching me the wrong words to Jingle Bells, and my old buddy Dan must be making a mint off the Toyota commercials he sings on, since they play them all the time. You know the song "Oohhh, Toyota!" Please, no more.

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