The last several days have been a blur of crocheting and sewing, but it was worth it for yesterday's Holiday Designer Showcase. Rica Restaurant was a great place for all of the artists to set up and sell their wares, since it's right in the heart of the Union Street shopping strip. Their food and free white wine sangria was most excellent.

Perhaps since I spent most of yesterday around local artists who make their own clothing, paintings, pottery, handbags, baby clothes, miracle lotion and jewelry, my art-obsession is flaring up this morning. I want to make stuff. I want to learn how to paint, make clothing from my own patterns, write like tinyluckygenius, and silk screen.

Also inspiring me -- The Sampler. Little Queen is participating in the colossal December/January edition, along with a small army of other folks who make stuff.

David Choe = inspiration. Go look at his art at davidchoe.com and also read his story -- from what I can tell, he lives in the moment, no fear, 100%, taking risks and constantly creating which is a genius work of art in itself.
by David Choe

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