I had started writing a post about how terrible the VJ of MTV2's "Subterranean" show is when my Internet Explorer crashed. So here's the short version: Jim Shearer is drab, awkward, and a terrible interviewer. He makes me feel almost as uncomfortable as the bands look in his presence. Look alive, buddy!

Feria Urbana went great on Saturday. It was fun hanging out with Audree all day, there were tons of customers there, and I got great feedback on my stuff. Here's a photo of two of the Canvas Gallery servers wearing their new chokers.

In a magical bit of luck, dutchy designer Audree proposed a swap wherein I came out way ahead with one of her gorgeous, soft black leather Nina bags. This photo hardly does it justice, you can't feel the supple leather or see the fancy lining made from hand-picked vintage drapery fabric. Is it possible to be in love with a handbag? Methinks yes. If you have anyone on your gift list that loves fine handbags, buy them a dutchy. You can shop dutchy and Little Queen at Audree's Holiday Designer Showcase this Saturday.

(Hey Ms. Lorna, isn't it appropriate that I have a Nina bag?)

By the way, please welcome Laurie and her blog sparklemotion to the blogging community. She's far away in Brooklyn and I miss her daily, but now we'll get to read her blog to see what's new.

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