Another one bites the dust: Death Cab signs to Atlantic. I knew it was just a matter of time, but it still makes me sad. At least, according to this article, Barsuk is keeping all their back catalog, although, why wouldn't they be? Maybe Death Cab and Rilo Kiley will somehow avoid a major label horror story. Perhaps they're ushering in a new era. It remains to be seen. I'll be watching.

Onto better news, I've discovered the BEST TELEVISION SHOW EVER: The Dog Whisperer.

The show begins with an introduction to the problem dog at home with its owners. You see the owners' frustration at the incessant barking, aggressive behavior toward other dogs, even annoying quirks like ripping up the mail as it drops through the mail slot. They show clips of the dog lying on the ground when the owner tries to take it for a walk, or snapping and growling whenever the owner tries to pet it near its hindquarters. You're thinking the dog is a hopeless nightmare and you're glad you're not the poor hapless owner.

Just when you think all is lost...enter Cesar Millan. He pulls his green SUV into the driveway and enters the home to first speak with the owner about the dog's issues and then begin rehabilitation. He shows the owner techniques to bring about desired behavior, some of which are logical. It's not rocket science. But he goes on to explain why the dog is doing what it's doing, and also why the new training will affect the dog in the correct way psychologically. Plus you gotta love his quips, spoken earnestly in his spanish accent: "You pet him like this and he feels handsome and proud" and "He's really a party guy, he just never had any friends before." The dogs behave better almost as soon as Cesar enters the room; he exudes a gentle authority and the dogs have no doubt who the alpha is.

Click here for Cesar's Dog Psychology Center and tune in weekdays on the National Geographic Channel.

Most favorite words: nightcap, careen, fisticuffs, kerchief
Least favorite words: jawn, ramekin

SFist.com: Though it may seem breezy and effortless, I toiled for way too long on this week's "When The Lights Go Down In The City". Please read it, so I don't feel too depressed about my poor time management skills.

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