This morning while I was getting ready to go to work at RAG, I accidentally caught Minnie Driver singing her special brand of don't-wake-the-baby folk/rock live (or was it?) on "The View". When I came to from my narcoleptic fit, I considered my possibly hypocritical stance on actors branching out into other artistic genres. While I've praised Ethan Hawke for writing novels, I bitch about the music made by the likes of Minnie and Keanu.

I think it's the sincerity and/or credibility factor. I don't get annoyed when I see J-Lo shaking her rump in Gucci aviators and Manolo stilettos (well, not for reasons related to artistic integrity anyway). It's pop, it's entertainment. But I do get annoyed when I see Keanu wearing dirty Converse and thrift store corduroys, acting the part of a down-n-out indie rocker. Watching Minnie gaze into the camera earnestly, singing her song with a heartfelt lack-of-fervor, I just don't buy it. Acting. These people aren't hauling their gear around the country in a van with no A/C. I'd rather see them with backup dancers than a band of well-groomed session musicians.

This obviously isn't an iron-clad policy. It helps that Ethan Hawke is hot.

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