Last night a few of us bid Bon Voyage to 'Sef, who's on an NYC-bound Jetblue flight as I write this. His going away party got me all nostalgic for the one I had at Club DeVille back in '99 when I was leaving Austin for NYC. Sniff. We'll miss Sef a lot, but a few of us at the party decided that he has great taste in females and that we'll all just hang out with each other to cope. My goal is to coerce Jen, Melissa and April into a stitch-n-bitch with me.

Listen to snippets of a few songs from The Donnas' new album "Gold Medal" here. What's with snippets, anyway? If you're going to put music up for people to stream, please offer the whole dang song. You can listen to more songs on their website, which is worth checking out for the psychedelic unicorn graphics.

Today's quote:
"Tin-eared graph paper-brained accountants instead of music fans call all the shots at giant record companies now. The lowest common denominator rules. Forget honesty. Forget Creativity. The dumbest by the mostest that's the name of the game" - Jello Biafra
Thanks to The Heavenly States mailing list for sending me this quote. Go see them live, you won't be disappointed.

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