It's Sunday afternoon, I'm doing some internet research, and I boot up Real Rhapsody for some music to surf by. I figure "Lite Rock" will do the trick (I can see specific friends of mine rolling their eyes right now), so I enjoy some Seals & Crofts, a little Bread, and then some Alan Parsons Project, which was one of my favorite bands when I was about 5 years old. We know that scent is strongly tied to memory, but I say hearing is too, because a few of my earliest music memories start flooding into my head:

One of my favorite artists, Jonatha Brooke, led me to revisit A.P.P. this year when she covered "Eye in the Sky" on her latest CD "Back in the Circus". Jonatha has an extremely emotive voice, and her cover of the song brought new life to it for me. When it comes to expressive and emotive singing, Alan Parsons is rather lackluster, so I never realized that the "Eye in the Sky" lyrics were so pained and powerful (except for the chorus which makes no sense.)

MP3: Listen to Jonatha Brooke's version of "Eye in the Sky"

Now go buy albums by Jonatha. (Try Jonatha Brooke Live or 10 Cent Wings.)

What are your earliest musical memories? Write some in the comments section. You can be anonymous if you want (I understand these unicorn-Manilow stories can be pretty damning).

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