It's my third and final day of working at RAG while Blakely's in Florida. What have I learned? Depeche Mode is a hit with both male and female shoppers. Death Cab for Cutie, not so much.

I had a conversation with a couple here in the store yesterday about the pitfalls of trying to live the DIY starving artist lifestyle. They were telling me about a friend of theirs who runs a shop in Brooklyn with a similar theme as RAG -- carrying all local designers. "Of course, she's rich," the guy added with an eye-roll, "that makes it easier." My response: "She's a patron of the arts, like the de Medici family. We need more people like that." Better that she puts her money towards supporting struggling artists than to sunning herself in Belize. Speaking of nice rich people giving their money to artists, read this article about the guy who bought a rare Guided By Voices record for $6,200.

Here are some cool designers to put your hard-earned or effortlessly-inherited money toward (all are carried at RAG):
fancy the *F* word
Gypsy Loic
Mabel Chong
Helen Olds
Tina Ruth
Spare Change Designs
Da Hee Projects

Two days til I leave for NYC. If you know of any fun CMJ or music-related events, email me.

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