I finished the Golden Compass on Saturday afternoon, at a nice new cafe on 26th Street and Dolores. I can't recommend this book enough, it's phenomenal. (I'm not even a fan of science fiction, but after I started reading The Time Traveller's Wife on Sunday, I was marvelling at how much a fantastical story can point out truths about our real lives.)

One of the most remarkable aspects of Golden Compass author Phillip Pullman's writing is that it's so cinematic -- throughout the book, I kept imagining what the movie version would look like, hoping that it was already in production. Lucky for me, mind-reading Nyla has just blogged about the movie here. Screenplay by Tom Stoppard, she says -- HELL YEAH. I'll be lining up early, Trekkie-style. By the way, Shakespeare fans should check out Stoppard's Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, if you can manage to find a copy.

My pal Steve recommended that I try the Real Rhapsody subscription service, piquing my interest by telling me I could stream the entire new Interpol record on it. So I'm using it this morning, and it's kind of like having a listening station at home (Pinback EPs are next), or having certain albums on demand (like my Frou Frou record that I can't find). Too early to tell if it's worth the $10 a month.

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