I finally got back to San Francisco yesterday afternoon, after having to reschedule my flight due to Laurie's dogwalker locking me out of her apartment. Another reason to fly JetBlue - affordable change fees.

There's so much to catch up on. I should have done more posting from my cell phone -- that's how I sent the photo of Britt and Mike McCarthy mixing the Spoon record (10/18 post). Here's a blurry picture of Mike (producer/engineer), a.k.a. "Wizard", looking like a tough guy. I only got to hear one song being mixed while I was at the studio -- if I had to pick the title from the list on their website, I'd guess it was "I turn my camera on". I'm so glad that the record is almost done, though it won't be released til at least next spring.

Being in NYC again depressed me, only because I miss my friends so much. At least I got to see many of them -- Craig, Karla, Lily, Dave, Mike, Britt, JW, Kate & Kevin, Wes, Jimi, am I leaving anyone out? Since Nathan Larson was speaking on the BMI "Music in Film" panel with Laurie at Woodstock, I also got to talk to two members of Shudder To Think in one weekend. That's enough to make me happy for a good long while, even though I missed Craig's performance with Baby at CMJ.

I feel like I should have more to write about after such a busy trip, but my mind is blanking out on me right now. Umm, I'll blame it on jetlag. Yeah, jetlag.

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