Here's the first edition of my weekly music picks for SFist. I let Jackson the editor pick the title.

What in the sam hill has gotten into Mark McGrath? Sugar Ray always annoyed me, and it's not like he had any credibility to lose, but he's recently crossed over into the aggressively-annoying category for me.

Exhibit A: He's now co-hosting "Extra". That's network television, meaning I sometimes have to accidentally see his smug mug when I'm flipping the channels.

Exhibit B: He's recorded a duet with Shania Twain called "Party For Two". Not only does this song have the evil voodoo production of Mutt Lange (thus defying categorization and being welcome on any and all radio formats), it also has a video featuring the madcap hijinks of Mark and Shania. Those two get totally wacky in the video, swinging from the chandelier, literally.
Sings Shania: "You'll be sexy in your socks!"
Sings Mark: "We could polish the floors!"
I have to go barf now. Head over to Stereogum.com for links to the video (under "shitty video alert"), if you have a strong stomach.

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