Guys like Bowie, apparently. I was playing Bowie's Greatest Hits CD (courtesy of Real Rhapsody, they should be paying me by now) here at RAG today, and every guy that came in the store started whistling or humming along with it. It didn't get that reaction from the women, but they were probably more focused on shopping.

I'm seeing a bit of a connection between the music I play and the mood of the shoppers -- anything too rock or quirky doesn't go over well (Joanna Newsom, Constantines); light, melodic electronica seems to work best. Aside from Frou Frou, Metric and Bjork, I haven't found any other shopping-conducive sounds. I would be a terrible DJ.

If I had a great boyfriend, I'd make him bring me an iced coffee right now. Maybe I'll lock the store for a couple of minutes and go get one myself.

Traffic is at a lull currently, but for the most part running the store is fun. A lady bought one of my scarves earlier. Hey, thanks lady!

Now I'm playing the "electro-funk" sampler. Allow me to blog the playlist: RHAPSODY's Electro-Funk Sampler. It's like listening to my favorite radio station, 98.1 KISS FM, all my favorite old school R&B songs. No parking on the dance floor!

Speaking of dance, I went to Rhythm & Motion's 25th Anniversary Gala last night at the Herbst Theatre. I went to support my dance school, not knowing what to expect, but the performers blew my mind. There's no way I can describe how good they were, but I can tell you it was diverse and fun and moving. Everything from Afro-Cuban drumming and dancing to the Hula, from modern Jazz and hip-hop to a truly badass tap dancer.

OK back to work. See you suckers tonight at Dolores Park for "Harold and Maude"!

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