Damn cold. It's still here. I wish I had more energy, because Fun Cheap SF lists so many cool things going on in the city today, like the Orchidfest, the 21st annual Sand Castle Building Contest at Ocean Beach, the Love Parade, SF Open Studios. (I wonder if the Orchidfest will be showing any exotic violin-playing orchids like in this picture from their webpage). If you live in the Bay Area, you should sign up for the Fun Cheap SF list here. Or if you don't live in SF, you can still sign up for it and check out all the things you and I are missing out on today.

Maybe it didn't help my cold that I went out last night. I picked Blakely up from a house in Bernal Heights where her friends were house-sitting and making dinner. It was a crazy M.C. Escher house, with at least 5 staircases and as many levels, including a back deck and roof garden. Just one guy lives there but judging by the 20 martini glasses in his kitchen, the house gets a lot of traffic. Blakely's friend Sig was making macaroni and cheese from scratch with 3 cups of grated cheddar, so you can imagine how hard it was to tear ourselves away.

After leaving my neighborhood, we went to the Independent to see Earlimart because Kirby was kind enough to put us on the list. Earlimart just released a lovely new record called "Treble & Tremble" which you can listen to by checking out their e-Card. Recommended if you like whispery, keyboardy, Elliott Smith-y, Grandaddy-esque music.

The Heavenly States opened the show, which was great because I haven't seen them play in at least a year. Baria Records has re-released their self-titled full length record and the "King Epiphany" single featuring the bizarre "Monument" which I'm listening to right now. THS is a tremendous band, I love their energy, dynamics and complex catchiness. And nobody can argue with Genevieve's rock violin. You can watch their video for "My Friends" here, and listen to "Car Wash" here.

While I was on the Baria Records website, I found this nugget:
THE Anti-Prick Movement is all about telling the arrogant, the liars, the deranged and deluded that they are PRICKS
and then letting them know that they should just fuck off out of your life and leave you alone. Forever.

No membership, no cards, no club. It is a state of mind.
Count me in.

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